Edwin Stuart Baxter was born in 1947 and grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  His undergraduate studies in fine arts were at Philadelphia College of Art (’64-’68), majoring in painting.  And painting has remained his ongoing, core activity for over 40 years.


Baxter spent most of the 1970s in Provincetown, Massachusetts.   He met William Seeley there in 1970; and they have been together since then.


In 1978, Baxter moved to Boston where he pursued graduate studies at Massachusetts College of Art (’78-’80) and at Boston University (’80-’82).


Historical influences on Baxter’s development as an artist are diverse including Vermeer and Watteau and Monet – and extending to Yves Klein, Marcel Broodthaers and Jasper Johns.


In addition, architectural structures have often profoundly influenced Baxter’s visual experience. He has been as equally intrigued by historical edifices such as the Alhambra as by newer structures such as Le Corbusier’s Ronchamp Chapel.


It was only after Baxter and Seeley had settled in Bali in 1990 that Baxter first began working with broken ceramic tiles. His mosaic studio began operation in 1991 and he has completed an extensive body of work since then.


Baxter is a classicist working with the traditional and low-tech mediums of oil-painting and ceramic-mosaic. And his ongoing pursuit has been an exploration of how simple characteristics in painting and mosaic – such as texture and fragmentation – can combine to become arresting images.


Baxter believes that making an artwork is similar to a controlled laboratory experiment with observed protocols determining the result. To this, a level of technical difficulty is established at the beginning that affects the degree of visual interest in the end.

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